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Doc Phonic

Musician, Composer, Producer, Teacher, Developer

Original Scores

Home: Original Scores

These are commissioned original scores for live theater productions.

Original Songs
and Remixes

Home: Orignal Songs and Remixes

This is a rather diverse mix of music that I have made over the past few years, including original songs and remixes.  I love the challenge of making music in a new style or genre.  The examples below range from serious to silly, from classical to pop, and many things in between.  

Video Projects

Home: Videos

Music Facts

Home:Music Facts

As a music production teacher, I have always tried to teach my students a healthy balance of both music skills and concepts as well as production skills and concepts.  I believe four important things about CREATING music: 

  1. Anyone can make music.  

  2. The fastest way to get better at making music is to Make More Music.

  3. You do not need to know ABOUT music in order to MAKE music.

  4. You  definitely do not need to be able to READ music in order to MAKE music.


However, it can certainly be HELPFUL to know some things about music and be able to read music.  One of the best things I believe can be helpful to know when making music is some basic music theory.  But the term music theory tends to conjure up feelings of staleness and is often associated with textbooks and school.  For this reason, I refer to the most basic aspects of music theory as Music Facts.  

Music Facts are things like the names of the notes on a piano keyboard, intervals, chords, scales, and the vocabulary of rhythm.  Music Facts are useful only if they are immediately available in the mind, the same way math facts like 7+3 = 10 and 4*5 = 20 are useful.  They allow us to do more complex things more quickly and with less mental effort.  To be useful, Music Facts must be memorized and take almost no mental effort to recall.  But getting to that level of memorization takes practice.  This is why I developed is an ongoing project of mine that allows me to more easily have my students practice and quiz these basic music facts so that they can learn them well enough so as to be actually useful.  

About Doc Phonic

Doc Phonic is a musician, composer, producer, teacher, and developer.  He has worked in a wide variety of styles and media.  This page is a snapshot of just a few of the many projects he has worked on over his ever-evolving career.

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